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What are the best cycling holidays in France?

Our team has a wealth of experience in cycling holidays and has handled cycling holiday enquiries for many years. We always aim to answer your most pressing questions honestly and openly to find the right holiday for you.

This guide to going on a cycling holiday in France provides a good overview of why France is such a famed cycling holiday destination and not just for the famous cycling race.

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Cycling holidays in France are not just about a bicycle race!

Going on a cycling holiday in France is an enjoyable experience that can unlock the country, which is full of scenic wonders and a wealth of things to do. On a cycling tour through France, you’ll be able to explore many facets of the country, ranging from the vineyards of Bordeaux to the French Alps or the picturesque Châteaux-packed Loire Valley.

Each region in France has its unique charm, and cycling tours in France can cater to all levels of expertise. Many articles reference the Tour de France when discussing cycling tours in France, likening it to playing in the final of the Champions League when talking about casual football at the grassroots level!

The main similarity lies in riding along some of the roads used by the pros during the tours and passing through scenic villages seen from a helicopter. Riding through France doesn’t have to be a race!

More importantly, the bike can transport you from hotels to nearby historical landmarks, allowing you to experience the local way of life and enjoy the excellent hospitality shown to cyclists at trails and local cafes. France boasts excellent cycling infrastructure, and riding along popular routes such as the Loire Valley Cycle Route will be a truly enjoyable experience, especially when complemented by great food and wine!

What are the best months to go on a cycling holiday in France?

Our self-guided cycling holidays in France operate between April and early October or late September, which is the optimum time to go with fewer chances of rainy days or poor weather. That's not to say you'll experience clear blue skies every day, but the likelihood is higher.

Temperatures are mild in May and June, making riding in regions like Provence more comfortable. August can be very hot, and some public museums close due to the annual exodus from cities to the countryside or coast.


Coastal areas will be cooler and windier. However, on a self-guided tour through a French beach resort, you'll have the opportunity to stop off at local swimming pools or the beach.

I recall completing a tour in Alsace during August along the Rhine Cycle Path between Strasbourg and Basel, and the temperature was in the high thirties. Nonetheless, I always consider it preferable to ride in the heat than risk getting cold in the rain!

Where is the best place for cycle touring in France?

Determining the best cycling spots in France is subjective, hinging on desired terrain and tour difficulty. France boasts numerous cycle routes, spanning from the Brittany Coast to the southern charm of Provence. Provence stands out with its famed picturesque landscapes, vineyards, lavender fields, and quaint villages. Meanwhile, Burgundy is renowned for its vineyards harmonizing with celebrated cuisine.

Our personal favourite is Alsace, along the Franco-German border, delivering one of France's most comprehensive cycling holiday experiences.

This region hosts some of the country's most beautiful villages, and cities like Strasbourg and Colmar offer a plethora of attractions for cycling enthusiasts.

Another cherished spot is the Loire Valley, a perfect fusion of history and breathtaking scenery. Its flat terrain makes it an ideal choice for beginners exploring cycling holidays in France.

Touring through cities like Blois, Tours, and Angers, cyclists enjoy the Loire à Vélo cycle path, a flagship route in France. The blend of historic sites and captivating landscapes makes it an enticing destination for cyclists of varying expertise levels.

Going on a cycling holiday in France from the UK

France is easily accessible from the UK, boasting numerous ferry connections from Dover, Portsmouth, and other South Coast seaports. The Eurostar serves as a convenient option for reaching Paris and connecting to various destinations.

The Eurotunnel proves ideal for self-drive cycling holidays originating in France, Belgium, and northern Germany. However, bringing a bike on holiday abroad poses challenges.


Transporting a bike on ferries, particularly an electric bike, requires a reliable bike rack while taking a full-size cycle on the Eurostar is notably difficult, unwieldy, and costly. That's why our approach to embarking on a cycling holiday in France is optimal. All our self-guided cycling tours in France provide excellent bike hire options, including electric bikes, eliminating the need to bring your bike altogether.

Moreover, if your bike encounters issues in a remote rural village, resolving the problem isn't straightforward. With us, a single phone call enables swift replacement or repair of the bike, ensuring minimal disruption to your holiday experience. This convenience ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable cycling adventure without the concerns of transporting or maintaining your bike abroad.