Cycling holidays in the Algarve

Cycling holidays in the Algarve See our different cycling holiday options in the Algarve, Portugal

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Cycling holidays in the Algarve

A dream cycling holiday destination

Who isn't familiar with southern Portugal from holiday brochures - the picturesque and unparalleled Algarve? But how many of you also associate the Algarve with a cycling holiday? After all, what could be more delightful than combining a seaside getaway with an active holiday? Here, you can discover the fantastic cycle tours we have available for you in the Algarve.

Beach in rocky bay

Cycle in one of the sunniest regions in Europe

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the Algarve stands as one of the sunniest and friendliest regions in Europe. It's no wonder that our cycling tours are always near the beach, allowing you to indulge in wonderfully refreshing swims on pristine sandy shores now and then.

Pedal along the rugged cliffs and secluded bays, keeping your eyes fixed on the stunning sea and enjoy the wonderful combination of going on a cycling holiday with time to swim in the sea.

Wonderful cycle tours along the Algarve

Algarve: Sagres to Tavira

Join us on a remarkable journey along the Algarve and discover a captivating range of coastlines, breathtaking beaches, secluded bays, and unforgettable sunsets. Our cycling tour takes you from Sagres to Villa Real Santo Antonio, spanning eight days of exploration along country lanes and newly constructed cycle paths.

Lisbon - Sagres

Cycle from the capital, Lisbon, to the surfing paradise of Sagres. However, in Sagres, you can do more than just conquer waves; you can also fully immerse yourself in the Portuguese ambience and discover picturesque beaches and bays. The journey begins in Lisbon, ensuring a varied and delightful cycling tour through Portugal.


Algarve: Sagres - Tavira

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Lisbon to the Algarve

Self-Guided | 7 Days
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