Booking conditions

What should you know about booking your holiday

To book your trip, we recommend that you use our website. You will be guided through the entire booking process clearly and you will have access to the most up-to-date travel information. In addition, you immediately receive a clear overview of the price structure. All prices mentioned on our website are per person unless expressly stated otherwise (for example for transfers). 

If you are unable to find a solution via the website or if you have additional questions, please call one of our travel advisors at 0044 (0)1706 618 155 or e-mail, we will be happy to help you.

Once you have made a final booking via our website or by telephone, you can no longer cancel or change it free of charge. This also applies in the case of a travel application, where we must first request the trip - or parts of it - from the accommodation and/or airline.

Personal data

We kindly ask you to provide your details and those of any fellow travellers when booking/quotation/option. For example, for a flight, the surname and first name on the flight ticket must exactly match the official name on the passport. Always use your maiden name, if applicable. Changes afterwards are often no longer possible or can lead to 100% costs for a new flight ticket.


If you have preferences, such as certain dietary requirements, we recommend that you inform us immediately when booking. Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees for preferences, but we will ensure that these are passed on carefully.

Travel documents

One or two weeks before departure you will receive your travel documentation with information about the trip and any tickets. The condition is that the travel sum must be paid in full. If you book within two weeks before departure, you will receive the information digitally.


After your booking has been confirmed by us, you will receive the travel agreement by e-mail. This states the amount of the deposit, namely 10% of the travel sum plus the reservation costs. You must pay this down payment immediately. The remainder of the travel sum must be paid no later than four weeks before departure. You will receive the travel package approximately one to two weeks before departure if the full travel sum has been paid.

Reservation and change costs

When you book a standard trip, € 20 reservation costs will be charged per booking. For changes to existing bookings, we charge € 20 change costs (excluding any applicable cancellation costs). Changes can be requested within six weeks of departure, but will usually incur high cancellation costs.

Reservation costs transport

We apply the following (additional) reservation costs for the issue of airline tickets and/or train tickets:

- Flight ticket within Europe €25 per person

- Train ticket €10 per person

Baggage rules

With more and more airlines you have to pay extra for each piece of baggage or you can check in only one piece of baggage per person without paying extra. Before departure, check the website of the airline you are flying with to find out what the exact baggage rules are. High additional costs are often charged for extra luggage.

Not included costs

All published trips do not include the arrival to the destination or the return trip. Parking costs when using your transport are also not included in the travel sum and must be paid on the spot, just like any applicable tourist taxes and/or extra transfers. Also not included are optional excursions, travel and cancellation insurance and personal expenses.

The ANVR travel conditions for package tours apply to all trips in this program.

You can find this on

Article 1: Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all (composite) trips that are carried out by Active on holiday.

Article 2: Changes in the offer

The greatest possible care has been devoted to the travel offer and the content of the website Obvious errors or mistakes on this website do not bind Active on holiday. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the travel sum or other errors is permitted. Active on holiday can cancel all or part of its travel offer for a definite or indefinite period.

Article 3: Information provision from Active on holiday

Active on holiday are obliged: to inform the travellers in writing before concluding the contract for travel organization or travel mediation:

1. The general information regarding passports and visas.
2. The general healthcare information. You can find official information about this at a recognized medical institution.
3. In writing, or any other suitable form, in good time before the planned departure date, the following information:
– all necessary information about the route;
– name, address and fax and telephone number of the local representative of the tour operator and/or travel agent or otherwise name, address, fax and telephone number of the local authorities that can help the traveller in case of difficulties, or if necessary a number for emergencies or other information that enables the traveller to contact the travel organizer and/or travel agent.

Article 4: Information provision from the traveller

The traveller is obliged to disclose all personal, health and/or medical data required for the implementation of the trip to Active on holiday immediately upon booking, which will, of course, be treated confidentially. The non-, incomplete or incorrect provision of this information may result in exclusion from (further) participation. Any resulting costs will then be borne by the traveller.

If the traveller provides incorrect information and this leads to additional costs for the tour operator (Active on holiday), those costs may be charged to the traveller.

Article 5: Realization of the agreement

By entering the requested data on the website and sending the booking request form, this request is final and binding. Active on holiday sends a confirmation of the booking to the traveller as soon as all accommodation addresses and other services have been confirmed. After confirmation, the trip can only be cancelled according to the cancellation conditions.

Article 6: Travel sum

The travel sum applies per person unless explicitly stated otherwise. The amount of the published travel sum is based on hotel and transport prices exchange rates and availability as known at the time of publication. Active on holiday reserves the right, in exceptional cases, also about travel agreements already entered into, up to 30 days before the day of departure, to increase the travel sum as a result of changes in hotel or transport prices and exchange rates.

Article 7: Travel documents and travel documents

• The traveller is responsible for having a valid passport, required visa and proof of inoculations and vaccinations on departure and during the trip. The traveller is responsible for obtaining medical information from a vaccination agency, tropical institute, GGD or general practitioner. And also to check in good time before departure whether information previously obtained has not changed in the meantime. The traveller must then ensure that the necessary vaccinations and prophylaxis have been obtained in time before the trip.
• Active on Holiday is not liable if the traveller cannot participate in the trip, or parts thereof, due to shortcomings in his travel documents. The resulting damage, both for the traveller and for Active on holiday, is for the account of the traveller.
• Active on Holiday is not liable for loss, damage or loss of luggage, travel documents and travel documents. If the luggage has been damaged during one of the included transports through the actions of the carrier, and this has also been reported to the carrier or local representative immediately after receipt of the luggage, then the latter is liable up to a maximum of €200 per person. There is no liability for (valuable) items that are not normally transported in luggage, such as laptops and other electronics. Damage to handles and/or suitcase wheels is also excluded, as is damage to luggage heavier than the permitted 20 kg each.

Article 8: Payment of the travel sum

• Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the traveller pays a deposit of 10% of the total travel sum as stipulated in the special travel conditions after receipt of the final booking confirmation.
• If the traveller, after being given notice of default in advance, fails to pay the advance payment or the travel sum that is demanded of him, Active on holiday will be entitled to terminate the agreement with the traveller by operation of law, with the costs at the expense of the traveller.
• Unless agreed otherwise when booking the trip, the traveller pays the balance no later than 4 weeks before the date of departure, and on condition that the written travel confirmation is sent to him in advance or at the same time.
• If the traveller books less than 4 weeks before the departure date, the total price must be paid immediately.

Article 9: Transferability of the booking

1. The traveller can, after having agreed to any change costs before the start of the trip, transfer his trip to a third party, who must meet all the conditions of the travel organization contract. The transferor must inform Active on the holiday of this transfer in good time before departure.
2. Parts of the trip that appear to be non-transferable beyond the control of Active on holiday are excluded.
3. The transferring traveller and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the total price of the trip and the costs of the transfer.
4. If the traveller requests a different change, Active on Holiday may charge all costs incurred as a result. For each change request, € 25 per booking will be charged, regardless of whether the change is made. If the change is made, this amount will be increased by all costs resulting from the change.

Article 10: Change by Active on holiday before departure

The law speaks of 'expectations that the traveller could reasonably have based on the agreement'. Those who opt for countries with an adventurous character, in a sense also opt for certain risks. Due to different customs, habits and a different mentality of people in distant countries, things sometimes go differently than the traveller expects. Bad weather or road conditions can lead to travel adjustments before or during the trip. This can be, for example: adjustments in the travel route, different types of transport or hotels. The adjustment of the trip and reasons for it will be communicated to the traveller as soon as possible. Active on holiday tries to maintain the intention of the trip as much as possible and to limit the adverse consequences for the traveller as much as possible.

Conditions for changes before departure:
1. If, before the start of the trip, one of the essential points of the contract cannot be performed, Active on Holiday must inform the traveller of this as soon as possible, and in any case before departure. and inform him of the changes proposed by Active on holiday. The change must be of equivalent quality or better. If this is not the case, financial compensation must be determined by Active on holiday, which can be reasonably expected.
2. The traveller must inform Active on holiday as soon as possible, and in any case before departure, whether he agrees to the change if it is less than initially booked.
3. If the traveller accepts the change, a new contract or an addendum to the contract must be drawn up, stating the changes made and their impact on the price.
4. If the traveller does not accept the change, he may request the application of Article 13.

Article 11: Cancellation by Active on holiday before departure

1. In the event of force majeure such as terrorist and bomb attacks, political unrest, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions or strikes, Active on holiday has the right to cancel or change the travel agreement (as referred to in Article 10). If matters arise during the trip as mentioned above, the additional costs incurred will be borne by the traveler. The traveller is not entitled to compensation from Active on holiday on the above grounds.

2. If Active on Holiday, before the start of the trip, terminates the contract due to a circumstance not attributable to the traveller, the traveller has the choice between a. either accepting a new offer of a trip
of the same or better quality, without having to pay a supplement: If the replacement trip is of lower quality, Active on Holiday must refund the price difference as soon as possible.
b. or the reimbursement, as soon as possible, of all amounts paid by him under the contract.
3. The traveller can also, where appropriate, claim compensation for non-performance of the contract unless the cancellation is the result of force majeure, which does not include overbooking. Force majeure is understood to mean abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person who invokes them and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions.

Article 12: Total or partial non-execution of the trip

• If during the trip it appears that an important part of the services to which the contract relates cannot be performed, Active on Holiday will take all necessary measures to offer the traveller suitable and free alternatives to continue the contract. trip.
• If there is a difference between the intended and the services provided, he will indemnify the traveller during the term of this difference.
• If such an arrangement proves impossible or if the traveller does not accept these alternatives for valid reasons, Active on Holiday must provide him with an equivalent means of transport that will take him back to the place of departure and, where appropriate, compensate the traveller.

Article 13: Cancellation by the traveller

The traveller can cancel the contract in whole or in part at any time. If the traveller cancels the contract due to a circumstance attributable to him, he will compensate for the damage that Active on Holiday suffers as a result of the cancellation. The compensation can be fixed at a fixed rate in the special conditions or the travel program, but may not exceed the price of the trip once.

Article 14: Cancellation conditions

Cancellation of the travel agreement by the traveller must be made in writing. The date of receipt by e-mail or postmark is the cancellation date. For cancellation of an airline ticket, the cancellation conditions of the relevant airline apply. In many cases, the cancellation costs are 100%. The following cancellation costs apply to the other services:

  • Cancellation costs (compensation) for cycling, walking and family trips:

  • Up to 28 days before the start of the trip: 10% of the travel sum (invoice amount), minimum €50 pp

  • From the 27th to the 14th day before the start of the trip: 30% of the travel sum

  • From the 13th to the 8th day before the start of the trip: 50% of the travel sum

  • From the 7th to the 4th day before the start of the trip: 70% of the travel sum

  • From the 3rd day before the start of the trip and "no-show": 90% of the travel sum

  • In case of interruption of the trip 100% of the travel sum

Deviating cancellation costs (compensation) for the "Sailing & cycling" travel type:

  • Up to 84 days before the start of the trip: 20% of the travel sum (invoice amount)

  • From the 83rd day to the 42nd day before the start of the trip: 30% of the travel sum

  • From the 41st day to the 28th day before the start of the trip: 60% of the travel sum

  • From the 27th to the 4th day before the start of the trip: 80% of the travel sum

  • From the 3rd day before the start of the trip and "no-show": 90% of the travel sum

  • In case of interruption of the trip 100% of the travel sum

To cover any cancellation costs (compensation), it is recommended to take out travel and cancellation insurance, including interruption insurance.

Article 15: Liability of Active on Holiday

1. Active on holiday is liable for the proper execution of the travel agreement, by the expectations that the traveller may reasonably have based on the provisions of the travel agreement as a travel organization, and for the obligations arising from the travel agreement, regardless of whether these obligations can be fulfilled. by itself or by other providers of services, without prejudice to Active on Holiday's right to address these other providers of services.
2. Active on holiday is equally liable for the acts of negligence of its representatives, acting in the exercise of their duties, as for its acts and omissions.
3. If an international treaty applies to a service included in the travel organization contract, the liability of Active on holiday will be excluded or limited by that treaty.
4. Insofar as Active on Holiday does not itself provide the services provided for in the travel contract, its liability for material damage and compensation for loss of travel enjoyment together is limited to a maximum of once the travel sum.

Article 16: Liability of the traveller

The traveller is liable for the damage that Active on Holiday and its representatives incur due to his error, or if he has not fulfilled his contractual obligations. The error is judged according to the normal behaviour of a traveller. The traveller is also responsible for any damage to rented or made available materials on-site that are necessary for the implementation of the trip or activity.

Article 17: Complaints procedure

1. Before departure:
If the traveller has a complaint before departure, he must submit this as soon as possible by registered letter or against receipt to Active on holiday.
2. During the trip:
Complaints during the performance of the contract must be reported by the traveller on the spot as soon as possible, in an appropriate and evidential manner, so that a solution can be sought. To do so, he must – in this order – contact a representative of the responsible travel operating partner, or in the latter case directly to Active on holiday.
3. After the Trip:
If a complaint was not satisfactorily resolved on the spot or if the traveller was unable to formulate a complaint on the spot, he must be reported to Active on Holiday by registered letter no later than one month after the end of the travel agreement.

Article 18: VZR Garant Scheme

To comply with the legally required guarantee, Active on Holiday uses the VZR Garant guarantee scheme ( You can check this via the participants page of the VZR Garant website. The guarantee of VZR Garant applies within the limits of the Guarantee Scheme (which can be found on the website of VZR Garant). In the Guarantee Scheme, you can read exactly to which (travel) offer the VZR Garant guarantee applies and what this guarantee entails. If services are not provided due to the financial insolvency of Active on holiday, you can contact VZR Garant, located at Torenallee 20, 5617 BC in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, via or +31 (0)85 13 07 630.

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