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Experience great cycling on Denmark's world-renowned paths

You may already know that the Danes are the happiest people in the world which is already a compelling reason to visit this country for a holiday! Explore one of the three main Danish cities on your bike and cycle through Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. 

These Danish cities are compact in size and as cycling is so popular here, everything is designed around the bike from traffic lights to dedicated signage. Copenhagen is a fascinating city for cyclists because you can go literally everywhere by bike. Aarhus is also an excellent city for cultural attractions and Odense is popular due to its Hans Christian Anderson connections. The island of Fyn also has some beautiful cycle routes too.



The total area of Denmark is more than six times that of Germany if the almost uninhabited island of Greenland and the nearby Faroe Islands are included. The area of the ‘core country’ is roughly the same size as Switzerland or the Netherlands but is spread out across several islands. The mainland is connected to Germany and the capital region is actually closer to Sweden.

The bike can be used to cycle easily from island to island or through the Danish mainland. Copenhagen is in the east of the country close to the Swedish city of Malmo via the Oresund Bridge on the island of Zealand whilst the Jutland peninsula is home to Aarhus and is the second largest city.

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Terrain and weather

Denmark is located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea which gives the country a mild climate that is regulated by the two seas. The flat land means that it rains less in summer when compared to other European countries. The rainfall here is 10% less than in Germany for example. For cycling, this is ideal and the pleasant temperatures in summer combine to create an excellent cycling experience. The flat land and smooth terrain also make Denmark perfect for long-distance cycle touring.

Cycling holidays in Denmark

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Stockholm to Copenhagen

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Copenhagen and Zealand Loop

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