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From the historic city of Salzburg, the famous cycle path leads through the valleys of Salzach and Gastein to Carinthia, then to the Austro-Italian border and on through enchanting towns like Tarvisio and Udine to finally end in Grado on the Italian Adriatic Sea.

In total, you cycle approximately 410 kilometres along the entire route with breathtaking views of stunning Alpine landscapes.

Upon reaching the Adriatic Sea, you can look back with pride on the 2400 altimeters that you have cycled uphill and the 2800m that you have cycled downhill afterwards. This is a semi-challenging cycle tour, but with rewards every day to enjoy.

Cycling holidays on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path

Various cycle tour options are available along the route

Salzburg to Villach

The first section of the famous Alpe Adria cycle path starts in the Mozart city of Salzburg. Cycle through the beautiful valleys of the Salzburger Land to Carinthia, where you can end the bike tour in the charming town of Villach.

Villach to Trieste

From sunny Carinthia, we cross the border towards Italy. Take in beautiful views on the way to the Italian Adriatic Sea and enjoy the light sea breeze that blows in your face and of course the delicious Italian cuisine.

Salzburg to Grado

Would you like to cycle from the Salzburg Alps to the Italian Adriatic Sea? And at a nice leisurely pace? No problem. Our bike tour from Salzburg to Grado in 10 days allows you to do just that!


Alpe Adria Cycle Path: Salzburg-Villach

Self-Guided | 7 Days
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Austria / Italy

Alpe Adria Cycle Path: Villach-Trieste

Self-Guided | 7 Days
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Austria / Italy

Alpe Adria Cycle Path: Salzburg to Grado

Self-Guided | 10 Days
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Austria / Italy

Alpe Adria Cycle Route: Salzburg to Grado

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Alpe Adria Cycle Path for Families

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Questions and answers

The Alpe Adria Cycle Route starts in the city of Salzburg. The cycle path leads through the beautiful Salzburger Land via Villach (Carinthia) to Grado in Italy.

The Alpe Adria Cycle Path is a total of 410 kilometres long.

The ideal travel period for a cycling holiday on the Alpe-Adria route is from mid-April to the end of September.

The Alpe Adria cycle path falls into the ACTIVE (2 out of 4 stars) category. You will mainly cycle on paved and well-maintained roads on these cycling tours. An occasional light climb is no problem for you. Enjoyment and comfort are central here and cycling is a way of relaxation for you.

A total of 2400 meters of altitude await you along the entire Alpe Adria cycle path. Depending on which tour/stage you choose, this may vary.

We have selected suitable 3*** hotels and guest houses for you that are a perfect resting point during the different stages.

There are plenty of highlights while cycling the Alpe Adria Cycle Route. If you cycle from Salzburg to Grado, you will start in the beautiful Mozart city of Salzburg, where numerous sights such as the cathedral, the fortress and the charming old town await you. On the charm tour, also from Salzburg to Grado, make a stop in Spittal an der Drau and visit the impressive and fairytale-like Renaissance castle of Porcia.

On our cycling holiday from Villach - Grado - Trieste, you can look forward to the beautiful port city of Trieste and the cultural diversity in Tarvisio.

The Alpe Adria Cycle Path is part of the EuroVelo 7 Sun Route that stretches from northern Norway all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The route starts in Salzburg and follows the former railway tunnels through the Alps to the Italian border.

You can fly directly to Salzburg in Austria from various UK airports, but most flight options require a change along the way in Frankfurt or Dusseldorf.

Alternatively, you can fly to Munich which is approximately two hours away by train and has more flights. It is possible to fly to Vienna and catch a direct train from the airport too. The journey time is close to 3 hours, but there are frequent services on both OEBB and Westbahn.

To get to Villach, simply catch the train from Salzburg or Vienna and the journey time is approximately 2 hours 30 mins.

About our Alpe Adria cycling holidays

Footbridge "Makartsteg" in Salzburg

Those who embark on the Alpe Adria adventure can really be proud of themselves because not everyone can say that they have cycled from the mighty Austrian Alps to the Italian Adriatic Sea. But if you decide to conquer the Alpe Adria route by bike, you must do it with a certain amount of comfort.

We book the ideal hotels for you and provide you with the best travel documents and maps from Bikeline. We also deliver your luggage to your next accommodation punctually every day and are available every day if required via our service hotline. You can also rent well-maintained bicycles and/or E-bikes from us.

Blog: Tour report - Alpe Adria Cycle Path

Cycling through Val Canale

Read the day-by-day cycling experiences of one of our management team who went on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path cycling holiday in the latest instalment of our blog series.

To book this cycling holiday, head to the Alpe Adria Cycle Path page to learn more about the itinerary.

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Places to visit on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path

View over the city of Salzburg and the fortress Hohensalzburg


The home of the greatest musician of all time has much to offer our guests. Visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress, stroll peacefully through the historic Getreidegasse, soak up the sun on a park bench in the flowery Mirabell Gardens and taste the airy Salzburger Nockerln. Spending an extra night in this fantastic city is definitely worth it!

View over Villach and the river Drau


This city is not only known outside the country for the famous Carnival of Villach, Villach is also a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, but also for hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and of course cyclists. Don't forget to try the famous Carinthian Kasnudeln!


Probably the most economically important and second largest city in the Italian region of Friuli is Udine. Until the spring of 2018, Udine was even the capital of the province of the same name. Typical Italian charm, the numerous historical and cultural sights and the beautiful cityscape make Udine a northern Italian gem that is worth visiting.


The enchanting town of Grado is located on an idyllic island, which is also a very popular holiday destination, especially in summer. But Grado is not only attractive for families looking for fun swimming and sunbathing. We cyclists have also discovered the 'golden island'. With its beautiful old town, small restaurants and typical shops, Grado is a worthy final destination for the Alpe Adria Cycle Path.

Trieste on the hiking tour Alpe Adria Trail


The fantastic city of Trieste is hard to miss. The bustling port city on the Mediterranean Sea is the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The architecture feels very Germanic, but the local foods are more Italian!

What a lot of people don't know is that Trieste is the most important city in Italy when it comes to coffee! About 25% of all coffee trade in Italy is traded here and the city is home to Francesco Illy, founder of the world-famous brand!

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