The Moselsteig Trail

Panoramic view of Trier and the Moselle

Located in the beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of the Rhineland-Palatinate, the Moselsteig is one of the most diverse long-distance hiking trails in Germany. The Moselsteig is around 365 kilometres long that can be walked in 24 stages. The various paths and routes follow along the course of the Moselle from the town of Perl, which connects the three countries Germany, France and Luxembourg as a border town, all the way to the mouth of the river in Koblenz. With lovely forests and vineyards, river valleys and spectacular views, nature and culture, the Moselsteig is surprising, compelling and can be challenging at times.

Hiking along the Moselle

Hiking on beautiful trails along the Moselle

The Moselsteig is a popular long-distance hiking trail along the Moselle in Rhineland-Palatinate. Not only because of the beautiful natural landscapes to the left and right banks of the Moselle but the 2000-year-old history of the Celts, Romans and knights that have left their mark on the 24 stages of the Moselsteig.

One important feature of the region will accompany you throughout your walking tour of the Moselle, the typical vineyards on the sometimes-steep slopes along the river, where the highest density of Germany's oldest vines can be found. Nature, culture and enjoyment on the Moselsteig. The beautiful region in central Germany also offers the perfect combination for active food lovers.


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Five rivers

River Landscape

The Moselle divides two low mountain ranges, the Eifel and Hundsrück. The area has several rivers such as Lahn, Saar and Kyll. The rolling river valleys all have their unique and special flair. Countless castles and palaces can be found along the various routes. Small wine towns invite you to a local wine tasting and you will also find local brewers such as the well-known Bitburger beer.

The starting point of the Moselsteig is on the German-French border town of Perl on the upper Moselle, where you have a beautiful view of Luxembourg and France from the open countryside. Further downstream is Germany's oldest city, Trier, after which the river with its world-famous meanders, steeply sloping vineyards and picturesque wine villages continues its attractive path. This is followed by the narrow valley of the so-called "terrace Moselle", which owes its name to the world-famous terraced steep wine slopes. Koblenz and the mouth of the Moselle in the Rhine then finally mark the end of the Moselsteig.

The Moselle

The Moselle starts in France and then becomes the border river between Luxembourg and Germany. The river runs largely through Germany and then flows into the Rhine.

Source of the Moselle

The source of the Moselle is in the Vosges at 715 meters above sea level, at the Col de Bussang about 4 km away from the village of Bussang.

The course of the Moselle

The Moselle is the second longest tributary of the Rhine at 544 km. Following the riverbank of the Moselle, you first cross France, you can visit Luxembourg, and the river continues through to Germany.


In Koblenz, on the artificially raised headland "Deutsches Eck", the Moselle flows into the Rhine.

Height profile

The Moselle Cycle Route is signposted from Metz at an altitude of approx. 171 m and ends at approx. 60 m above sea level on the Rhine.

Moezel panorama

Moselsteig facts

It is not without reason that the popular Moselle and Eifelsteig have been awarded the "Quality Trail Wanderable Germany" and "Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe". Not only do hikers expect postcard-worthy views and impressive natural sights, but they also want a uniform route that is fully signposted - in both directions. The day stages always lead you along good hiking trails and through beautiful natural landscapes with impressive views. On our hiking tours, you walk without luggage, because we arrange that for you. On the Moselle and Eifelsteig, you can walk with a basic level of fitness. With public transport (train, bus, boat), it is possible to easily shorten longer day stages.

Moselsteig routeschild
  • Location: Rhineland-Palatinate in Central Germany
  • Length: 365 kilometres
  • Stages: 24
  • Route: from Perl via Trier to Koblenz
  • Season: April - October
  • Height difference: 356 meters
  • Highest point: 416 meters (Mehringer Berg)
  • Lowest point: 60 meters (Deutsches Eck)
  • Route marking: Signpost with yellow slate symbol and inscription "Moselsteig"
  • Unique feature: At its opening in 2014, the trail received the German quality mark  Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland and the European quality mark  Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe.

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