Our travel documents

We invest lots of time and effort into ensuring that our travel documents are up-to-date, comprehensive and detailed enough to allow the smooth running of your holiday. In our travel documentation package, you'll find all the necessary and useful information.

We have thought very carefully about what tour information, maps and materials we want to make available to our guests. Each tour pack is tailor-made for each tour and therefore sometimes varies in type and size. 

The following documents per room are included in the package, which you will receive before the start of the holiday.

Detailed maps

Cycling maps were made in collaboration with our partner Esterbauer (Bikeline) on a scale of 1:75000.


Route books with exact directions and various tips and information about the route, culture and cuisine, are always adapted to the needs of cyclists.

Cycling App

Our Cycling App offers a simple way to get your position via your smartphone. This is available for free for Android and iPhone.

City maps

City maps of many stage locations, so you can find them included in your pack

During the information meeting on site, tips for the coming travel days will be given and you will also receive tourist information about the stages, your hotel vouchers, other vouchers, train tickets and other key information.

Orientation during your trip is easy: during the cycling tours, the stickers with the "E-arrows" help you to find the right way if the official signage is not enough. For help or very special cases, our service hotline is available during and accessible throughout the tour. Incidentally, GPS data is available on request for all routes.

Eurobike travel documents in detail