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Cycling holidays in Majorca

Summer, sun and lots of cycling fun on Majorca

Explore Spain's largest island in the most beautiful way imaginable - on the back of your bike. Enchanting landscapes, authentic fishing villages, romantic eateries, intense flavours and plenty of sunshine welcome you on a cycling holiday on the stunning Mediterranean island of Mallorca!

The other side of the sunny island

Thrilling fiestas, splendid yachts, and the vibrant pulse of Palma de Mallorca, the bustling city – that's how many of us perceive the captivating Balearic island. However, for avid cyclists like us, Mallorca or Majorca unveils a new dimension: reflecting its authentic past and present.

Uncover the enchanting simplicity of the island of Majorca as you pedal through its scenic landscapes, pausing by streams to bask in the island's splendour. Solitary coves, time-honoured olive trees, and rare indigenous flora and fauna will greet you along your cycling route, leaving you with incredible memories.

The most beautiful cycling holidays in Majorca

With its stunning landscapes, diverse terrain, and cycling-friendly infrastructure, Majorca has established itself as a top destination for cyclists from around the world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a recreational rider, Majorca offers an abundance of routes to suit all levels of experience and fitness.

Majorca Loop

Even the most resistant island sceptics among you will be won over by our classic Majorca tour! Embark on this cycling adventure and discover the true gems of "La Luminosa," as the locals fondly refer to Majorca. Pedal your way through the absolute highlights, immersing yourself in this island's breathtaking beauty.


Majorca Loop

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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