The Madeira Coast

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Cycling holidays in Madeira

Cycle through Madeira's sea of flowers

Madeira, the picturesque island in the Atlantic, has long been hailed as a hidden gem for cycling enthusiasts. Its captivating cycling routes, abundant blooms, and lively Portuguese culture have made it a top choice among riders. Allow us to showcase the cycling highlights in this idyllic destination.

View to sea and mountain

Discover the captivating island in the Atlantic Ocean

When thoughts of Madeira arise, vivid images of flowers in various sizes, colours, and tones come to mind, their fragrance permeating the air when you close your eyes. Madeira, the island of blooming wonders, enchants with its breathtaking beauty. Yet, what truly entices us cyclists is the undulating terrain. Coupled with the delightful year-round temperatures, it bestows upon our Madeira adventure a captivating allure. Neither excessively hot nor cool, there is a perfect balance. Such impeccable conditions are ideal for an all-year-round cycling holiday destination.

Perfectly planned cycling holidays in Madeira

Madeira Round Trip

An exhilarating journey awaits as you embark on a nearly complete circumnavigation of the enchanting flower island of Madeira. Can it truly be done by bike? Absolutely! This immersive expedition unveils the island's most beautiful destinations and emerald hills to climb and of course, descend.



Self-Guided | 8 Days
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