About our rental bikes

Years of experience and continuous development are to be found in our bicycles. We have listened carefully to the requirements of our guests and built our own range of bikes for use on our cycling holidays. The result is a solid, smooth-running and ready-to-ride bike that we can recommend for your next active holiday. 

With modern V-brakes, aluminium hollow rims and puncture-resistant tires, it is very suitable for every route and every road surface. The heart of the bike is a modern, high-quality aluminium frame with a dynamo lighting system, luggage carrier, mudguards and a comfortable saddle to guarantee carefree cycling.

Saddles by Selle Royal

The saddles are manufactured according to strict criteria in terms of quality, functionality and a high degree of comfort. The exclusive use of high-quality materials ensures a high level of safety and cycling position. Comfort is of great importance when selecting the right saddle. You are also welcome to bring your saddle (incl. adapter) for the trip (seat post diameter from 27.2 to 31.4 mm) and we are happy to help you with the installation.

Gears by Shimano

Our 7-speed bikes use the Shimano NEXUS hub gear. You can change gear at any time, both when coasting or while pedalling.

On the 21-speed bikes, the Shimano ALIVIO shifting ensures smooth acceleration. Accelerating, robust and user-friendly gear shifting are the main characteristics of this proven Shimano system.

Frame sizes

We have the best quality bicycles available for you. The following sizes are available on our own cycling holidays:

Unisex frame with 21 gears and freewheel

Size: 56 / 51 / 46 / 43 cm

Unisex 7-speed wheels with coaster brake

Sizes: 56/51/46 cm

Men's bicycle 21-speed with freewheel and crossbar

Sizes: 64/60/56 "sloping" cm

Note: Reservation necessary!

About our Rental Bike PLUS bikes



Eurobike Rental Bike-PLUS

On our Eurofun original tours, you can rent a Rental Bike PLUS from the top Austrian bike manufacturer, KTM. These bikes are an upgrade to our standard rental bikes with upgrades to critical components such as the saddle, the braking system, and the gears.

The Rental Bike PLUS has a sportier frame position and the high-quality Suntour suspension fork will give you extra comfort on rougher surfaces or trails. All of our standard accessories are compatible with Rental Bike PLUS models.

Sizes: 63 / 60 / 51 / 46 cm

Note: Only limited numbers of bikes are available and a reservation is mandatory.

About our electric bikes (E-Bikes)



With our electric bikes, you are completely mobile and you can enjoy every bike ride, even if your legs don't feel like it for a while. The unisex bikes are comfortable for both men and women. The bike will help you as you cycle uphill or accelerate from stationary. Our unisex bikes with back-pedal brakes are comfortable to ride for both women and men. 

No driver's license is required to use an e-bike and the electric bike can support you up to 25 km per hour. Without pedalling, you have no assistance and these are not mopeds! The operation itself is simple and the e-bike is easy to drive by anyone after a short explanation by one of our team.

Our e-bikes are powered by an electric motor. The motor is mounted in the crankshaft as a so-called mid-engine. The power supply to the electric motor is provided by a removable battery with a range of 120 to 180 kilometres. You can charge up the battery in your hotel room or at a charging point (if available).

Our electric bike is a pedelec!

The Pedelec is an electric bicycle where electric assistance is only accessible by stepping on the pedals yourself. Built using technology from KTM bicycles and further adapted to our customer needs, the bicycles are of high quality. The mid-engine makes the bike easy to handle, as it provides better weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity. The total weight of the bike is only around 23 kilograms.

An LCD display shows the cycling stats and the power consumption indicator provide real ease of use even whilst on the move. The bikes have 28-inch wheels and three support modes. The 8-speed hub gear ensures maximum cycling enjoyment. The accessories are the same as with our touring bikes!

E-Bike Cycling Holidays

With our electric bikes, you can enjoy cycling with newfound freedom. They are really fun to use and open up new route possibilities particularly if the route profile is hilly or has longer distances to cover. They are so popular with cycling holiday customers and have revolutionised cycle tourism in recent years.

You do not need a driving licence to use an e-bike and the electric bike can support you up to 25 km per hour. The operation itself is simple and the e-bike is easy to drive by anyone after a short explanation by one of our team. An LED screen gives detailed information about the battery status, the mode used and the total distance covered during the day.

All of our cycle tours have electric bikes as an optional upgrade. You can find out more about our E-Bike cycling holidays here.


Included with each rental bike, we include matching accessories that are optimally matched to our bikes and are particularly robust and solid. We source our accessories only from well-known quality manufacturers such as Vaude:

  • Saddlebag (water-repellent)
  • Handlebar bag (water-repellent)
  • Service kit with tools and spare tyre
  • Air pump
  • Combination lock

Breakdown service

Our tyres have a particularly strong special layer to help prevent punctures. Should a puncture occur, you can easily repair it yourself with our repair kit or replacement tyre(s). 

If the damage is more extensive, call us and we will arrange a repair or a spare wheel as soon as possible. This roadside assistance is included in the rental price.

Rental bike insurance

For all trips, carried out by companies of the Eurofun Group, the rental price already includes rental bicycle insurance against theft and damage. In such cases, you will therefore not incur any further inconvenience and we will replace your bicycle as soon as possible. You need to make sure that your bike is locked up when unattended. 

Negligence or deliberate damage is excluded from our policy. For your private bicycle, we recommend that you take out bicycle insurance through your insurance agent before departure.