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Cycling holidays for singles, solos and groups

Our team has a wealth of experience in cycling holidays and has handled cycling holiday enquiries for many years. We always aim to answer your most pressing questions honestly and openly to find the right holiday for you.

This guide to going on a self-guided cycling holiday for singles or solos is recommended reading as our unique cycling holiday format makes a cycle tour possible for singles without being on a guided group holiday with set departure dates.

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What are the best cycling holidays for singles and solos?

Cycling holidays are an excellent way to make friends, experience different cultures, and thoroughly explore an area while having the time to independently visit local attractions. However, many cycling holidays are tailored for couples or families, with prices based on two people sharing and requiring minimum numbers before a tour can proceed.

Our cycle tours are all self-guided, so there are no minimum numbers required on departure dates, as they are scheduled to run on specific days, such as Saturdays or daily. This means there is a reduced chance of cancellation, and you can organise your travel as soon as the tour is booked.

The added benefit of operating this cycling holiday model is that you only pay a single supplement to secure your place on the cycle tour. The single supplements are reasonable and well below the basic price of the tour.

We do have a single surcharge on all tours, but this ensures that all tours can run, whether there's only one person or a dozen. You'll stay in either a single room or a double room for single use, eliminating the need to share a room with someone you don't know.

Active on Holiday is part of Europe's largest active travel company, enabling us to leverage a comprehensive network for all our tours. Each tour includes luggage transfers, bike rental options (including electric bikes), and detailed route notes. If you're concerned about navigating an unfamiliar place alone, our tours provide a local support number available 24/7. Additionally, downloadable GPX files are available so you can follow the route even more accurately.

Exciting self-guided cycling holidays for singles over 50s

Travelling solo on a self-guided cycling holiday is a remarkable experience regardless of age but embarking on a cycle tour at 50 and beyond can truly be transformative. It grants you the freedom to set your agenda, unhindered by rigid schedules. Additionally, it offers ample time for contemplation, introspection, and the nurturing of independence while navigating the route.

Well-known paths such as the Danube Cycle Path, and the Rhine Cycle Route, and destinations like Majorca allure thousands of cycling enthusiasts yearly, creating a community eager to share their travel tales.


Evenings at the hotel or during breakfast present opportunities to connect with new acquaintances. Moreover, sharing similar bikes and likely lodging in the same hotels as those encountered during the day fosters a sense of camaraderie.

While our tours aren't guided cycling holidays, they remain highly sociable, providing numerous chances to engage with locals and fellow cycling enthusiasts over meals or drinks. For an alternative to the traditional self-guided cycling holiday, we also recommend considering a Bike and Boat excursion.

The boat functions as a floating hotel, allowing you to sail alongside the same group throughout the week, fostering deeper connections.

Tips for solo travellers on self-guided cycling holidays

The top tip is to first decide on your destination and then conduct a detailed research about the area. Look into resources like Wikitravel or tourist board information, scrutinise the itinerary, and gain a clear understanding of the riding locations. Additionally, check the tour's difficulty ratings before confirming your booking.

Fortunately, all our cycling holidays come with luggage transfers, so there's no need to fret about carrying excessive gear on your bike. Our bikes boast high quality and excellent tyres, reducing the likelihood of encountering punctures, hence alleviating this concern.

We strongly recommend wearing a cycle helmet, even if the temptation to forgo it arises. It's also crucial to inform someone of your plans, so share your hotel list or route notes with a trusted person before your departure. Our team is acquainted with your day-to-day itinerary and can promptly reach out to your family or friends if necessary.

Above all, the ultimate tip is to relish the entire experience. Embarking on a self-guided cycling holiday presents a genuine opportunity for freedom and enjoyment. Take moments to pause, capture photos to chronicle your journey, and collect daily anecdotes to share with friends upon your return home.

Creating a group cycling holiday for you and your friends or family

Our solo cycling holiday format can be expanded to create a fantastic group holiday for a cycling club or a group of friends. Designating a group leader streamlines the organisation; they'll coordinate the group, collect deposits, and handle the necessary documents or invoicing. As an appreciation for their efforts, we typically offer a discount to the group leader.

Once the cycle tour is reserved, each participant is included in the booking, and their accommodation is arranged based on their preference for a single room or sharing. Room sharing is only arranged for customers within the same group booking.


For any individual opting for a single room, a single supplement fee applies. The group can collectively decide to distribute this fee or individuals can opt to pay it individually.

We allow flexibility in adjusting the number of cyclists up to about 4 weeks before the arrival date. While there might be a change fee, we strive to accommodate minor changes without additional costs whenever possible.

This ensures the group's flexibility and the ability to adapt to evolving circumstances or preferences leading up to the tour.

Booking a self-guided vs. a group cycling holiday

The debate between a guided tour and a self-guided cycling holiday for single travellers is ongoing, and there isn't a definitive answer. Self-guided tours offer greater flexibility, allowing you to set your own pace and explore at your leisure. On the other hand, guided tours provide a more structured itinerary with predetermined stopping points.

In a group tour, you'll find yourself among a pre-established set of people to spend your holiday with, which can be both rewarding and challenging. If you click with the group, it can be a fantastic experience. However, if the chemistry isn't there, it might feel like a long week.


I lean towards riding solo and gradually connecting with new people as the week progresses. Cyclists are friendly and enjoy sharing their cycling adventures, from epic rides to memorable nights in remote accommodations.

The bike itself serves as a wonderful conversation starter, ensuring you're never truly alone on a self-guided cycling holiday. This way, you maintain the freedom to ride at your own pace while still having the chance to engage and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

If you would like to book a group cycle tour but would like to use our self-guided format to organise everything, then contact us for some helpful ideas for routes and suitable dates.