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Tour report: Meran to Lake Garda

Read the day-by-day hiking experiences of one of our extended Marketing team who went on the Meran to Lake Garda walking holiday in the latest instalment of our blog series.

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Day 1: Meran to Nals

We started the day with a delicious breakfast and began our journey towards Nals. The sunny weather and picturesque orchards accompanied us along the way. We encountered friendly fruit farmers and even received an apple as a gift. We came across a beautiful waterfall and took a refreshing break nearby.

As we approached Nals, we encountered an art trail featuring 24 felted wool works of art. In Nals, we received a warm welcome at Hotel Traubenheim and enjoyed pizza at the recommended restaurant Figl.

Day 2: Nals - Kaltern

This day brought more highlights as we hiked uphill through the forest, enjoying the beautiful forest path towards Andriano. We took a rest stop on a boulder with a view of the Dolomites. We continued to the chalk tower and visited the castle Boymont, which offered a rewarding viewpoint.

We then followed the path towards Eislöcher, experiencing a colder and more mystical atmosphere. Finally, we arrived in Oberplanitzing, where Hotel Masatsch provided a warm welcome. We relaxed in the indoor pool and enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 3: Kaltern - Coredo

We walked from Hotel Masatsch to the Mendelbahn, enjoying the panoramic view from the top of the pass. The Margheriten Weg led us through lush meadows and a narrow mountain trail with breathtaking views.

We crossed two high bridges and descended towards the Sanctuary of San Romedio, situated on a limestone cliff. After visiting the church, we walked uphill to the two lakes above Coredo, following the 'lane of dreams' towards Hotel Miravall. We enjoyed dinner at the beautiful hotel restaurant.

Day 4: Coredo - Spormaggiore - Molveno

We had a transfer from Hotel Miravall to Spormaggiore and passed orchards along the way. We met other Eurohike guests and had a pleasant conversation. After a break in Andalo, we reached Lake Molveno and enjoyed the cool water.

We relaxed by the lake and checked in at Alpotel Venezia, where we had a room with a balcony and a view of the lake. Dinner at the pizzeria was delicious.

Hiker on the hiking path in Vinschgau

Day 5: Molveno - Comano Cattoni

We started the day with the Predelbahn mountain railway, offering stunning views of the Brenta Dolomites. We took breaks at two Rifugios and later reached the clear mountain lake Lago Nembia.

We met other Eurohike guests, enjoyed some treats, and then were taken to our hotel, Comano Cattoni Holiday, by taxi. We indulged in the hotel's wellness area and had a delightful dinner.

Day 6: Comano Cattoni - Lake Garda

The hike led us along a dirt road through the forest, with climbs along the way. We reached Rifugio San Pietro, where we had magnificent panoramic views of Lake Garda.

The descent was sunny and offered continuous views of the lake. We passed Varone's waterfall and walked along a beautiful walkway to Lake Garda. Finally, we arrived at Hotel Venezia, where we were warmly welcomed by the senior manager.

Day 7: Departure day

Our colleague Johannes picked us up and safely took us back to Merano. We passed by places we had visited during our trip, reminiscing about our beautiful experiences.

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