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Tour report: Walking Paradise Tenerife

Read the day-by-day hiking experiences of one of our extended Marketing team who went on the Walking Paradise Tenerife hiking holiday in the latest instalment of our blog series.

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Tenerife approach

Day 1: Welcomed by Spain's highest mountain

We arrived in Tenerife, where the majestic Pico del Teide, Spain's highest mountain, stood at 3,715 meters. With its orange sand, the southwestern part of the island would be the backdrop for our final hiking stages.

We were picked up by a pre-arranged transfer from Tenerife South Airport. As we drove north, we were captivated by the impressive panoramic views, heightening our anticipation for the days ahead.

City view Garachico

Day 2: Garachico - Delightful coastal town

The island's northern part showcased black, rugged coasts, lava pools, and fertile landscapes. The contrasting colours of black, green, and deep blue amazed us daily. We spent two nights in the charming coastal town of Garachico, specifically at the idyllic Hotel La Quinta Roja overlooking the village square.

The hospitable and friendly locals greeted us at every turn, sharing the town's intriguing history. To our delight, the receptionist informed us about an upcoming national folk festival featuring dances and music from various regions of Spain.

Teno Mountains

Day 3: Scenic trails in the Teno mountains

We embarked on a circular walk from Garachico, exploring the island's fertile cultivation areas and pine forests along the coast. The ascent on rocky paths rewarded us with breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal town.

The second stage took us from Garachico to Santiago del Teide, passing through the picturesque Teno Mountains. Hiking through banana plantations, and mango and avocado trees, we marvelled at the Cuevas Negras gorge. The trail continued uphill through enchanting laurel forests, leading us to the mountain village of Erjos.

Teno Mountains Gorges

Day 4: Tenerife's north/south divide

At this particular stage, allocating sufficient time to savour the unique natural scenery and incredible views was essential. Starting with a transfer to El Palmar, we passed through the mountain ranges and gorges of the Teno Mountains, anticipating the upcoming adventure. Beginning in the cool, foggy north, we hiked with a view of the lush valley below, ascending to the Teno Alto hill, where the trails along the ridge awaited.

The Tabaiba Pass unfolded before us, separating the weather divide of the north and south coasts. The narrow paths over the mountain tops thrilled our adventurous spirits, and we relished every step before descending into the valley toward Santiago del Teide.

Hiker on the King's Path

Day 5: On the King's Path to Los Gigantes

Due to the closure of the Masca Gorge, we opted for the King's Path, which offered a pleasant downhill hike to Los Gigantes, famous for its towering cliffs. The trails, adorned with cacti and stone walls, treated us to expansive panoramic views of the steep cliffs and stunning gorges of the Teno Mountains.

We chose the high trail option, highly recommending it for an even more rewarding experience. After the descent, we strolled through the expansive banana plantations before arriving at the hotel stronghold of Los Gigantes, a striking contrast to the quaint coastal and mountain villages we had encountered. Here, we enjoyed the awe-inspiring view of the imposing cliffs from the black beach or the hotel pool. To our delight, we discovered a fantastic location for swimming in the black lava pools, just a 10-minute walk away.

Hikers in front of the white moonstones Vilaflor

Day 6: Along the GR 131 hiking trail

In the final stretch of our hiking tour, we explored the southern paths of the island, encountering an incredible diversity of landscapes. After a short transfer, we began our hike in Adeje, where access to the Hell Gorge awaited us, visible from a distance.

We trekked along plateaus, enjoying distant views of the endless Atlantic Ocean and the rocks ahead until we reached the long-distance hiking trail GR 131. Along the winding serpentines, we paused frequently to appreciate the breathtaking vistas. Ascending through the pine forest, we followed slightly undulating paths to the next mountain village. From there, we embarked on a splendid high-altitude hike above steep slopes that descended to the sea.

Sandstone formations Paisaje Lunar in Vilaflor

Day 7: Vilaflor - the final circular hike

In Arona, our destination for the day, we refreshed ourselves in a bar before continuing the journey by transfer to Vilaflor, the highest village in the Canary Islands, offering relaxation amidst the pine forest. The Hotel Spa Villalba, nestled in the midst of nature, became one of the highlights of our week. We revelled in the peaceful silence and delight in the hotel restaurant's typical delicacies.

From Vilaflor, we embarked on our final circular hike, leading us to the famous white moonscapes. Enchanting forest landscapes and lava rock paths greeted us along the way, culminating in a perfect ending to our unforgettable journey.

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