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Exploring the best places to go on a cycling holiday in Germany

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This guide to going on a cycling holiday in Germany provides a good overview of some of the main reasons why a self-guided cycle tour in Germany is one of the most popular holiday types for millions of Germans each year.

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Going on a cycle tour in Germany is incredibly popular

Germany is unquestionably one of the best places for a cycling holiday in Europe.

The country boasts an unrivalled mix of scenic routes, well-developed cycling infrastructure, and an established network of cycling-friendly hotels to accommodate travellers.



It's no wonder that millions of tourists, both domestic and international, flock to Germany to explore the various terrains, diverse cities, and picturesque landscapes stretching from the Baltic Coast in the north to the Bavarian Lakes in the south.

Were you aware that there are more than 250 long-distance cycling routes in Germany? Additionally, in 2022, 4.6 million Germans completed a cycle tour. Germany is one of the best cycle tourism destinations in the world.

What are the best cycling holidays in Germany?

The number one cycle route in Germany in terms of the number of riders is the Weser Cycle Route in northern Germany, which passes through Bremen and follows the course of the river to the North Sea. However, the Weser isn’t necessarily one of the more famous German routes in the English-speaking market; cycle routes such as the Elbe, Baltic Coast, and the Rhine 'Radwegs' are more well-known.

There are also numerous smaller routes, like the Berlin Wall Cycle Trail, heavily promoted by regional tourist boards. These routes follow local river trails or pass through cities. In total, Germany boasts more than 74,500 kilometres of cycling routes, many of which are high-quality, featuring excellent surfaces, signage, and facilities for cyclists.


Cycle tourists play a crucial role in the local economy, especially in rural areas. Consequently, there's a significant investment in delivering a high-quality cycle network, and cyclists are regarded as a source of pride.

Determining the best cycling holidays in Germany is highly subjective due to the country's diversity. Coastal routes in the north, like the Baltic Coast Cycle Route or the Rugen Island tour, offer visits to famous beaches and coastal resorts.

Meanwhile, a cycle tour in the south along the Romantic Road leads cyclists past dramatic mountains and lakes.

Germany also boasts excellent cycling infrastructure within cities, making it entirely feasible to enjoy a cycling holiday while remaining close to the city centre.

Self-guided bike tours in Germany

You don't need to opt for a guided cycling holiday in Germany to have an amazing experience. All our bike tours in Germany operate on a self-guided basis. This means you have the freedom to cycle independently and make stops along the way as you complete the route.

Germany stands out as one of, if not the best, self-guided cycling holiday destinations in Europe. It's highly unlikely to lose your way due to the multitude of signs placed throughout urban and rural areas. Hotels are pre-booked in advance and cater specifically to cyclists, accustomed to handling large numbers of cycle tourists. Even breakfasts at these hotels are sometimes tailored to meet cyclists' needs, providing high-energy foods to fuel the ride.

We highly recommend the Rhine Cycle Route for its vineyards and the chance to visit the renowned university city of Heidelberg. Exploring the Elbe Cycle Route in eastern Germany offers insights into the former GDR as you cycle from Dresden to Dessau or from Prague to Dresden.

And for those seeking Germany's stunning mountain landscapes, the Romantic Road from Wurzburg to Fussen in Bavaria should top your list.

Whether you're new to cycle touring or have previously explored neighbouring countries like France or Austria on cycling holidays, consider adding Germany to your list of cycling destinations for 2024!

Focus on: Rhine Rhine cycling holidays

The Rhine Cycle Route spans 1,200 kilometres, commencing in Switzerland and concluding in the Netherlands. Notably, the German segment constitutes the longest part of this journey, meandering through picturesque vineyards, historic towns, and medieval castles.

This route grants glimpses of famous half-timbered houses, showcases cross-border influences, and offers captivating views of numerous castles perched dramatically atop the hills of the Rhine Valley.


Major cities like Cologne, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Strasbourg and Mainz grace the banks of the river, inviting cyclists to explore their vibrant hearts.

Renowned for its excellent maintenance, serving as the backbone of EuroVelo 15, and featuring straightforward navigation, the Rhine Cycle Route stands as one of Europe's finest long-distance cycling experiences, particularly within Germany. There are also cross-border routes from Strasbourg in France to Mainz, so you can combine two countries on one cycle tour. Lake Constance also allows you to cycle along the Rhine, but also explore three countries along the way as well as the dramatic Rhine Falls.

There are several route options along the Rhine including popular Bike and Boat tours that combine the best of a cycling holiday with the benefits of a cruise.