Odense and Funen Island

So much to discover on Funen and the city of Odense

The beautiful island of Funen, located in the Danish South Sea, is affectionately referred to as the "Garden of Denmark," and it certainly lives up to its name. Covering approximately 2,985 square kilometres, Funen is the third-largest island in the country. Cyclists visiting this picturesque region can anticipate a meticulously signposted network of cycling routes, spanning a total of 1,200 kilometres. These routes will lead you through verdant meadows and expansive forests, offering breathtaking views of the idyllic stretches of coastline along the South Funen Sea.

As you pedal along these cycling paths, you'll encounter charming harbour towns that provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy Denmark's culinary delights. Tranquil beaches will beckon you to relax or take a refreshing swim, while historical landmarks and museums provide an intriguing change of pace from your cycling adventures. This diverse and colourful mix of experiences truly makes the Danish island of Funen a cyclist's paradise.

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Details of the cycle tour on Funen Island

From the capital city of Odense, your journey begins by travelling to the charming harbour town of Assens on the Little Belt before reaching the picturesque Faaborg. A ferry ride will then transport you to the idyllic island of Ærø and onward to Svendborg. On the fifth day of your adventure, you have the option to take a well-deserved rest day or explore the maritime city of Svendborg, indulging in sightseeing and shopping. Your next destination is Nyborg, followed by a journey to Kerteminde, and ultimately a return to Odense the following day.

The highlights of the cycle tour on Funen at a glance

  • Odense: Begin your journey in Odense, the vibrant capital of Funen, known for its historical charm and cultural attractions. Explore the city's museums, historic streets, and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum before embarking on your cycling adventure.

  • Assens: From Odense, your first cycling leg will lead you to the picturesque harbour town of Assens, situated along the shores of the Little Belt. Enjoy the coastal scenery and perhaps stop for a seaside meal.

  • Faaborg: Continue your cycling journey to Faaborg, another lovely town on the southern coast of Funen. Faaborg is known for its old-world charm, historic buildings, and beautiful waterfront. Take some time to explore the town's cultural sites and enjoy the local cuisine.

  • Ærø: After Faaborg, you'll board a ferry to reach the island of Ærø. This island is a true gem with its quaint villages, rolling hills, and stunning coastal landscapes. Spend time cycling around the island, taking in its beauty.

  • Nyborg: Depart from Svendborg and head to Nyborg, another historic town with a rich heritage. Nyborg is known for its medieval castle and charming town centre. Take some time to explore its historical sites.

Things to know about cycling holidays on Fyn and Odense

As Funen's highest point is 131 metres above sea level, this is an easy cycling tour. It is also suitable for children with cycling experience. The landscape is predominantly flat or gently rolling. To ensure your safety and enjoyment during your cycling trip, the route follows cycle paths or low-traffic side roads. Only in towns is there slightly more traffic. All routes are well-signposted.

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Tour information
  • 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Self-Guided
  • Luggage transfers included
  • Total cycling distance: approx. 235 km
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Odense is considered the capital of Funen and is also the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. We recommend arriving early, as this cultural and historical city has a lot to offer. During an evening stroll through the city, you can discover its long history and explore the local gastronomic scene at the same time.

You will quickly leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and immerse yourself in a true natural paradise. After just a few kilometres, you will discover why Fyn is also called the Garden of Denmark. The often untouched landscape will enchant you and is suitable for a picnic in many places. Today's stage destination is the small harbour town of Assens, located directly on the Little Belt. You can learn a lot about the historic old town during a visit to the local museum Vestfyn.

Today, you will cross the "Alps of Funen." The landscape changes from wooded areas to coastal strips and always offers breathtaking views. The untouched moraine landscape in the Svanninge Bakker nature reserve is particularly attractive. Those interested in architecture will be amazed by the old manor houses and churches that you will pass on the cycle tour. Your destination for the day is Faaborg. The best way to discover the old harbor town is to stroll through the small streets. For art lovers, a visit to the Faaborg Art Museum is also worthwhile.

A special experience awaits you today. On your bike tour, you will explore the island of Ærø. A ferry ride will take you from Faaborg to Søby in the morning. On a short bike ride towards the east, you can fully enjoy the island. Be sure to allocate some time to explore Ærøskøbing, the fascinating and historic capital of the island. From Ærøskøbing, you will return to the island of Funen by ferry to Svendborg, your next overnight stop.

Today, you have plenty of options to choose from. Svendborg is the maritime centre of the island of Funen, offering numerous shopping opportunities, sights, restaurants, and bars. Why not use the day to relax or go for a leisurely stroll? However, there are also plenty of cycling opportunities available:

The islands of Skarø and Drejø offer unique nature experiences and are easily accessible by ferry from Svendborg (ticket not included; price approximately €25 per person; payable locally). Alternatively, you can explore the island of Tåsinge with Valdemars Castle, which is particularly worth visiting. Those who are more inclined towards sports can combine this with an exploration of the island of Langeland. Don't forget your swimsuits if you're a swimming enthusiast.

Today's route is quite varied. A significant portion follows the coast, but you will also venture inland periodically. Along the way, you'll pass numerous old castles and manor houses, and there will be opportunities for refreshing breaks on the beach to take a dip in the cool water.

The body of water between the Danish islands of Funen to the west and Zealand to the east is known as the Great Belt. In Nyborg, you will encounter the impressive bridge connection, which remains one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Additionally, visiting Nyborg Castle is highly recommended.



Continuing along the coast, you will soon arrive at the picturesque harbour town of Kerteminde. While visiting the Fjord & Belt Museum, you can learn a lot about the sea and its inhabitants. The numerous restaurants along the promenade are perfect for a lunch break. The final stretch brings you back to Odense, the starting point of your cycling tour on Funen. Take some time for an evening stroll through the town or visit the newly renovated house where Hans Christian Andersen was born.

Your tour ends after breakfast. We would be happy to help you book a longer stay to explore Odense and the surrounding region.

Route information

Overall, this is an easy cycling tour through flat and slightly hilly landscapes (the highest point of Funen is just 131 metres above sea level). The route primarily consists of dedicated cycle paths and small side roads with minimal traffic. Expect slightly busier traffic in towns. The tour is well-signposted, making it easy to navigate.

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Odense and Funen Island, DK-DKROO-08X
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  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (DE, EN)
  • 1 ferry ticket from Faaborg to Søby incl. bike
  • 1 ferry ticket from Ærøskøbing to Svendborg incl. bike
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  • For rental bike incl. rental bike insurance
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