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Walking holidays with Charm

Enjoy even more enjoyment and comfort on your hiking holiday

A delicate balance of physical challenge and relaxation defines a successful active holiday. Spend the day on the hiking trails before enjoying a spa treatment or culinary delight in the afternoon. You'll be able to relax by the pool, enjoy a sauna or spend time at the restaurant enjoying regional cuisine and drinks.

Staying in beautiful fincas

About our holidays with 'Charm'

Relaxation and recreation are undoubtedly among the top priorities for a fulfilling holiday experience. When coupled with invigorating outdoor activities, it becomes an ideal getaway. Imagine embarking on a journey to explore the most splendid hiking routes across Europe, where every aspect of your hiking holiday is meticulously organised, including luggage transfers.

You'll then have the pleasure of indulging in individual wellness facilities and enjoying meals at wonderful restaurants that are often part of the hotels, ensuring that relaxation becomes an effortless part of your holiday.


Gourmet hotels with added style

Experience the unique benefits of our self-guided hiking tours and be part of a special group that has combined wonderful hiking trails with carefully selected accommodations. The hotels used in our 'Charm' category are renowned for their captivating decor, sophistication, comfort, and authentic country-specific designs.

You'll stay in exquisite gourmet hostels after a day of hiking, where you can use an abundance of amenities. In this category, you can discover a delightful hotel nestled in the scenic Salzkammergut region, a tastefully decorated finca on the sun-kissed island of Mallorca, or an authentic country house boasting a spectacular view of the turquoise-blue Lake Garda.

Hotel Sand

Spas and leisure facilities included

The majority of our charming hotels provide the chance to rejuvenate yourself in a generously sized spa with swimming pools following an energetic day of hiking.

Alternatively, you can indulge in a calming massage or give your tired legs a much-needed break in the tranquil wellness area. Delight in leisurely moments of relaxation prior to dinner in a restaurant that sources produce from regional suppliers.

Staudacherhof Fish

Culinary highlights

In our Charm category, a delightful culinary experience awaits you. After an adventurous day in nature, immerse yourself in the remarkable gastronomic offerings provided by the hotels and restaurants in the evenings.

Impeccably prepared dishes and exceptional, top-tier wines give you a flavour of each region and we encourage you to try a different dish each day. The culinary emphasis lies on the utmost quality and local flavours, ensuring that you savour the finest specialities of your destination.

Individuality and care

Our travel partners have years of know-how as leading walking holiday operators and pride themselves on delivering active holidays of the highest quality. The special thing about our holidays is that our individual self-guided hiking tours are that you determine the daily itinerary. 

At the personal welcome meeting at the beginning of your trip, you will find out all the important information. When you start, where and when you take breaks or visit sights or how fast you want to go is entirely up to you. With our detailed travel documents and maps, you are guaranteed to find the right way to the most beautiful corners and plenty of insider tips as well Should any questions arise during your hiking holiday, our local team will be happy to help you at any time!

Our walking holidays with Charm

To find out more about the 'Charm' category, call us on 01706 618155 and we will explain the differences in more detail.

Wachau with Charm

Starting in Krems, immerse themselves in the splendid Wachau World Heritage Trail. The hiking trail guides individuals through majestic castles, picturesque vineyards, cosy wine taverns, and alongside the Danube. Embark on a delightful hiking excursion along the Blue Danube, relishing in the delights of wine and culture.

Salzkammergut Lakes with Charm

The mountains and charming villages of the Salzkammergut stand as some of the world's most exquisite natural treasures. Beautiful lakes beckon you to indulge in swimming or embark on a boat excursion while living traditions transport you to bygone eras. The Hallstatt region radiates as both a natural and UNESCO World Heritage site.


World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Konigssee to Chiemsee with Charm

In this eight-day hiking tour, you will journey from Königssee through the Berchtesgaden National Park, continuing on to Lofer, Reit im Winkl, and concluding at Lake Chiemsee. Throughout the hiking trail, you will immerse yourself in the quintessential Bavarian hospitality, breathtaking landscapes, and, above all, a delightful hiking experience filled with charm and comfort. Prepare for an unforgettable and stunningly beautiful active adventure in Bavaria.

Garmisch to Meran with Charm

Have you ever dreamt of crossing the Alps? This hiking tour, bridging Bavaria and South Tyrol, presents a more accessible Alpine crossing experience. Over the course of eight days, you will immerse yourself in the diverse splendour of nature, trekking past solitary mountain huts and lofty valleys, while savouring the finest local delicacies from the Alpine region. After a fulfilling day of hiking, you'll stay in charming accommodations, where you will be rejuvenated.

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Austria / Germany / Italy

Garmisch to Meran with Charm

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Around Madeira with Charm

The captivating island of Madeira is a destination that warrants a visit on its own. With its rugged coastlines, verdant rolling landscapes, tranquil bathing bays, misty cloud forests, and flourishing plantations, all nestled in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira presents a rich tapestry of natural wonders. This enchanting island offers diverse terrain and delightful temperatures throughout the year, making it an ideal setting for outdoor activities.

Majorca Highlights with Charm

Embark on a hiking journey amidst the mountains and the sea - a multitude of unforgettable moments of delight await you in Mallorca. This extraordinary blend of invigorating physical activity and pleasurable relaxation allows you to discover Spain's largest island in what is arguably the most splendid manner - by foot. Enchanting fincas, delectable island wines, and Mediterranean cuisine further enhance the experience.


Around Madeira with Charm

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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Majorca's Highlights with Charm

Self-Guided | 8 Days
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